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Quest Quarterly Gold Star Award Q1


Quest Quarterly Gold Star Award Q1

A drum roll please…

The Q1 Star Award Winner is… Madelina De La Cruz , our Client Services Coordinator at West Palm Beach!

All Quest team members are eligible for the Quarterly Quest Gold Star Award. The recipient of this prestigious award will be chosen by CEO, Laura Kozelouzek, & COO, Nancie Dudash, based on feedback from managers and peers as well as personal observations. Each recipient demonstrates the highest level of professionalism and performance with a heavy emphasis towards:

  • ensuring the best client experience,
  • displaying creativity in service delivery and operations, and
  • contributing to overall center improvement
  • Carries the Quest Flag by exuding the Quest qualities: service, positive spirit, and ownership
  • Develops outstanding customer service ideas
  • Encompasses team player in every respect
  • Frequently delivers above-and-beyond results
  • Acts as a role model within their position
  • Demonstrates relentless drive to reach professional goals
  • The winner will win a free PTO day, an engraved award, AND a $500 bonus!


Here our a few examples of what our first recipient, Madelina De La Cruz’s Manager Carye Farrell had to say about her:

“I would like to nominate Madelina De La Cruz for the Gold Star. Maddie goes above and beyond to make sure that all of the clients here in WPB are well taken care of and that their clients feel that she is a part of their business. She always has a smile on her face and is always a positive influence at the front desk and beyond.

Maddie is always thinking on her feet. She listens to what the clients need and then supports them with out-of-the-box thinking to resolve any problems they might be having.

Even though, we are the farthest Center North in Florida, Maddie will always extend her hand to help anyone that asks. She does her job efficiently, effectively, and is always attempting to reach her goals and making sure that I reach mine as well. She keeps me on track!

Maddie is outstanding, funny, caring and in my opinion goes above and beyond for the clients, myself and Quest Workspaces. She deserves to be recognized for being a leader among her peers, her clients, and for always carrying the QUEST flag high and proud.

I hope that you will agree!

We definitely do! Congratulations Madelina, well deserved!


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