• Have you ever encountered a situation in your business where you’ve felt something just wasn’t quite right? We’ve all been there. How did that work out? You probably found that the end results didn’t measure up to what they could have if proper busin

  • Your company’s brand isn’t just what it says on your website.  You may think they’re all the same, but being located in South Florida best office space says a lot more than you may think. When it comes to South Florida shared office space, coworking.

  • One of the best things about office workspace, especially shared or coworking space in Miami, is the ability to interact with others that share a common interest. While it comes easily for some, forming relationships with colleagues in the same busin

  • There’s no pudding better than when the proof is in the pudding. This month we interviewed Steve Turk, Managing Director and Founder of Vida Hospitality and Vida Stay, who recounts a tale of how starting his business in Quest’s virtual office space i

  • What do you get when you combine Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter — other than your cell phone blowing up? Introducing Quest’s Flitter portal, an electronic platform giving Questers from all locations in our shared office space in South Florida

  • Laura’s Quest Laura Kozelouzek is on a quest for freedom in every single way… “When something doesn’t go the way I had planned, it’s like there’s this energy in my core that is summoned. That’s my motivator to push forward and get t

  • If you’re in the market for shared office space, the word “coworking” is probably a term you’ve heard thrown around. Much like “the cloud” in IT services or “social media” in the marketing realm, this has become one of those tidbits of popular vernac

  • It’s only a phone number and a business address, for goodness sake. Why not just pick the cheapest one and call it a day? For office suites the rule goes the same as for candied sweets: the low cost of some may make your mouth...

  • The real estate landscape is becoming more competitive. The days of owners being able to go after the big fish and sign the 100k square foot user as a full floor tenant every time is long gone. This blog will cover what every building owner...

  • Well, let us rephrase that. As a provider of virtual office solutions ourselves, we don’t hate the entire concept. What irks our nerve is how many virtual office solutions are just that. They solve a specific problem for a company in exchange for a f

  • They may seem like polar opposites, but virtual offices Miami Beach share more in common with the city’s beloved football team than you would imagine. A virtual office may be just what your business needs to complete the touchdown. Virtual Offices Mi

  • With the stock market showing tepid returns year to date and the search for alpha thwarted by lackluster returns that fail to overcome much more than the cost of inflation, there is one diamond in the rough. Digital health startups have been the darl

  • As spring 2017 is just around the corner, we’re taking a fresh look at the landscape.  As we examine the first quarter under a new president, we see bushels of opportunity to take advantage of innovative office workspace trends, for both property man

  • In the fast-paced business world, he or she who gets there first has a distinct advantage. As it is Quest’s mission to give you the freedom to work the want you want, we acknowledge that technology plays a key part in business performance. Here are..

  • The Palm Beach County Bar Association had reason to file a motion when a fire rendered their office quite a disturbing verdict. In late January, an overnight fire caused significant smoke and fire damage that led the building to close for renovation.

  • July 19, 2017 Quest CEO Laura Kozelouzek chats with Allwork’s Cat Johnson about her perspective on the industry. Laura shares her thoughts on the merging of business centers, coworking, and shared office space as well as

  • March 29, 2017 Jarred Schenke, Bisnow, Atlanta FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint Bisnow//Quest Workspaces’ Laura Kozelouzek; Grand Killingsworth, CBRE; John Guitar, Brightline; Juliana Fernandez, AEI; Ed Owen, Swir

  • IF I KNEW THEN… In this ongoing series, we ask executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders about mistakes that have shaped their business philosophy. Laura Kozelouzek FOUNDER AND CEO, QUEST WORKSPACES By Sara Fi

  • I’m a free-lance travel writer. And I’m on the road more than I’m home, which is a good thing and a bad thing, depending on the day you ask me. Just because I can’t bring an office set-up with me when I’m on assignment,

  • Quest Workspaces Quest runs state-of-the-art shared office spaces in cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and, most recently, Plantation. The offices feature a blend of open, communal areas and closed meetings room

  • Source: Sun Sentinel Quest Workspaces plans to open Nov. 15 in the Sabadell Financial Center in Plantation. The 25,000-square-foot office is at 150 S. Pine Island Road. Quest offers suites and conference and meeting room

  • Source: PLANTATION, FL (October 27, 2016) – Quest Workspaces is expanding operations with the launch of a new shared office space in the Sabadell Financial Center located at 150 S. Pine Island Road in Plant

  • Source: Every flexible workspace has a natural churn as clients come and go, especially in the early days of setting up a new business center. But rather than preserving empty offices like showrooms, what i

  • Source: South Florida Business Journal Quest Workspaces signed a 22,000-square-foot lease to bring its co-working space to 150 S. Pine Island Road in Plantation. NGKF’s Lance Benson represented Quest in the deal, which w

  • Source: The Real Deal Quest Workspaces, banking on the growing popularity of co-working spaces, just expanded into Plantation with a lease valued at $4.9 million. The deal was announced by Newmark Grubb Knight Frank’s La

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  • Source: bizjournals We’ve rounded up photos of South Florida’s coolest workspaces and learned that there’s usually a purpose behind all the alluring artwork, creative designs, unusual furniture, awesome

  • Source: South Florida Business Journal Each year, the South Florida Business Journal honors local businesses with the coolest reputations and best work environments for employees. We’re proud to announce that Quest

  • Source: American Red Cross Laura Kozelouzek, CEO and Founder of Quest Workspaces, wins the Mercantil CommerceBank Entrepreneurial Award at the 2015 Spectrum Awards for Women View Awards Video. The Spectrum Awards for Wom

  • Source: Sunshine State News The corporate chief executives of Job Creators Network said Friday the November national jobs report showing another month of modest job growth is not sufficient for creating a strong economy

  • Team Members: Natalia Gonzalez & Francys Valdes volunteered at the Miami Zoo. Tell us about your project Natalia said, “Francys and I decided to celebrate our one-year work anniversary together by giving back to our

  • At Quest, our favorite events are ones that are fun and give back to the community at the same time. It’s our culture; the way we roll. And it’s the culture behind our Quest Cares programs that reach out into the communi

  • Casimiro Global Foundation is one of the busiest non-profits around these days. Building tomorrow’s young leaders and innovators is a full time operation for founder and CEO, Juan Casimiro. And, for the last year, he’s b

  • Team Member: Amanda Gonzalez  Tell us about your project During the holidays, people need some extra love. Since it’s my favorite time of the year, I was excited to volunteer during Christmas to help families in need hav

  • Team Member: Sabrina Escobar Tell us about your project I regularly volunteer with several organizations throughout the year and some time had passed since I had last done some charity work. I started thinking about what

  • Team Member: Carmen Leung Tell us about your project I was invited to join the NY Common Pantry on November 22, 2014 by a great friend that works for Bloomberg. I learned that the Common Pantry is dedicated to providing

  • Team Member: Liza Caballero Tell us about your project The American Cancer Society has been saving lives for over 100 years. They help nearly 500 people per day that would have otherwise died of cancer. They tirelessly h

  • Team Member: Vanessa Vega Tell us about your project I volunteered with Style Saves, a nonprofit that we provide office space to at 777 Brickell in Miami. Style Saves dressed over 600 needy children for their first day o

  • READ THE FULL STORY HERE:  Style Saves, a non-profit Quester, hosts an event to help more than 600 low-income children. Quest is proud to support this great organization.

  • Source: CBS 4 Miami  Which of South Florida’s non-profits and charities are delivering the greatest good to the community? That of course would depend on who you ask. “Quest Workspaces” is donating free

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