3 Reasons Getting Your Own Office is Cheaper Than You Think

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3 Reasons Getting Your Own Office is Cheaper Than You Think

Back in the day, leasing office space was a very big deal. It was a rite of passage, crossing over from a small kitchen table operation to becoming a legit company. And it was scary, because a lot of your cash was out the door before you even moved in.

Cash for things like furniture, carpeting, photocopiers, coffee makers and contracts packed with “gotchas” designed to move even more cash from your pockets to theirs; all to lease a place you were basically stuck with for a long, long time.

Now imagine a time (today) when renting office space has become so simple and inexpensive (hundreds, not thousands) that you can walk in (or go online), rent a space (monthly, weekly, daily!), and pay as you go. No way, right?

Wrong. If you’re still hung up on the idea that office space is outside your cash-comfort-zone, think again. The serviced work space model has changed the cash-strapping dynamics of office space rental forever, making it easy and affordable to leave the kitchen table behind and get into a real space. Here are 3 ways serviced work space is cheaper than you think:

  1. No more “first and last” and everything in between. You will sign a short rental contract and usually pay only a day, week, or month in advance (depending on your plan). Done.
  2. One-price includes everything. Seriously. Office space owners are able to gain economies of scale through bundled contracts, passing along the savings to you.
  3. Sharing means saving. Because you are sharing equipment, services and utilities with other businesses, you will pay less.

So, here are some of the things you won’t have to worry about (at least not at Quest Workspaces):

  • Furniture
  • High speed internet connection
  • Telephone equipment
  • Personalized call answering
  • Private phone number
  • Office management and support staff
  • Receptionist, concierge and mail services
  • Office signage
  • Café with unlimited coffee

Still having a hard time leaving the clutter-you-know behind? Then check pricing on-line and do the math yourself. And while you’re at it, take note of the other benefits of renting serviced office space and all the amazing people you’ll get to know along the way.

Without a litany of expenses to worry about, you can put all your concentration on building your own amazing business (and you can eat at your kitchen table again). Now it’s your turn to find out how.

Freedom To Work The Way You Want.


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